$BBIG I’ve learned an $80k lesson here, when all the signs are there of a mismanaged company, it’s a mismanaged company get out. Should have gone with my gut a long time ago. Buy the hype sell the news. I’ll never make this mistake again.
@Coach_Montes_24 @Hooper23 I agree it was stupid on my part. Promises unfulfilled. If you can’t see it’s mismanaged then you can join me on the stupid train to the poor house. No need for elaboration.
@SigmaJeep @Hooper23 That’s the point, you can’t elaborate, because there is nothing mismanaged. THEY SAID: FORM 10 would be filed on October 25th…. it was late. HOW LATE? 10 days. Form 10 actually got filed early November. From there it no longer is in management’s hands. I don’t understand why most retail investors dont care to read the SEC FILINGS. They are as plain as day. All the information is there, some went as far as to think that a spinoff would happen the very same day the form got filed. SO THEY RUN AROUND SAYING MANAGEMENT DELAYED IT FROM OCTOBER TO JANUARY.