$MMAT I advise every last one of you to set sell orders! Do it how you please! As you can see I have 4 chunks!! Last one is high triple digits!!! Now I forget this and start investing somewhere else!!! Fuck it! It’s an investment! That means years for me idk about yall! I can literally forget about the $40,000 I dumped into this and not saying I will delete Robinhood for a little while but I could for years and open that shit back up and be like BAM 🤑 DO NOT INVEST WHAT YOU CANNOT LOSE AND BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU HOLD AND HODL!!!! I’ll see whoever lasts in 2022!!! ✌️😎 today’s volume sucked I put $ on we see 12%+ on our first green Friday ever on the Nasdaq!!!! LFG 🚀