$IPOF I’m trying to put some pieces together. So we have. $25m buy and sell which is pretty decent movement. Since then not much else. @Cncfish mentioned could be arb fund exiting because we are close to da. If that’s the case we should hear something with a few weeks right? On the other we have no idea what the target is. Starlink/spacex we made it. Discord we see a nice 2 maybe 3 bagger. Databricks (did some research) has a nice following could see a bump to 20-25 share price. Plaid, epic, and impossible seem out of the picture. As well as stripe. Caris, I hate whoever put that in our brains. Fanatics, I think they are considering traditional ipo now. I’m sure there are some other solid companies out there but I think outside of the ones mention we see a 10-20% jump with a sell off. If I had 300m of my own money invested and I already got burnt in a ton of pipe the year before what would I do….
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