$MNK Questions: 1) Why people assume BK due to the Franklin Sale? Please be specific? Bcuz it said it was for rebalancing only. 2) Any ideas when MNK will change ticker symbol? I know @M5IVE posted the article 1yr ago about 75% voted to do that. 3) What could possibly BK MNK when they have more drugs in pipeline waiting to get approved that could help bring about 500M+ yearly revenue possible next year? I don't get it am I not seeing anything else? Shorts & Bears? I won't attack you for your opinion just curious if you have a valid argument.
@Muzaka @M5IVE @FatherJones @Eran2 as I know, experts investors use these 3 main principles. 1. base (most important, current price trend up/down @ strong/weak position) 2. chart (second important, holistic forecast trend for short term) 3. fundamentals (third important, any changes on upcoming sales, eps, cash, debt, etc..) most news merely provides happy hours or a few sad days for day traders, but for investors only when money in and money is counted as key fundamental change. does money comes in? does money go out? If not, emotion will come and go. investors usually don’t have habits to trade on emotion but they do take certain news advantage for granted.