$CYBL 🍻 This looks incredibly promising: MC=~ $167M AS= ~ 8.75B OS= ~ 5.7B Float= ~3B FY21 Revenue is $6.6M, giving this a 25x revenue multiple, relative to MC Should this multiplier stay intact or gather additional weight due to strategic .GOV contracts, IP, UAS, and SAAS acquisitions (which is planned) along with… guarantees of a zero RS policy…. This is a potential 40X Play, inside of 3 years, based on 2025 revenue projections of $220M + bringing MC to $5-6B or just over $1/sh Any added value via acquisitions and this hits the $2 min to uplist on the NASDAQ. Keep installing the connected, A-game, heavy hitters to the Board and Executive Suite and the X-factor catalysts to a parabolic rise start to take shape Tip of the iceberg….they just need to run the play!