$CIDM 😂😂😂😂 So many angry folks holding on to this shaking tree as white knuckled as they can. Chill, y’all….The sky is green. Fk these noisy bears. They saw the earnings. They know where this is going. If you see one here, and all they’re doing is talking about the stock price, you know they’re idiots. When they have something negative to say about the company or its future, then you can look into what they say. Maybe. Also, I hate calling them bears. I wish there was another name to call them. Like “Assholes” or something. 😂I love actual bears. You know what you bought. At least I hope you do. I don’t understand people who put real money in things they’ve never heard of before. I don’t have a fraction of the money in here that I wish I had. Maybe I’ll get a chance to boost. In the meantime, I’ll be watching. And laughing at the Assholes. 😂 Bon weekend, Bitches! It was an outstanding week!