$CIDM To be clear though: while I want to caution against a focus on EPS, I FULLY EXPECT TO SEE CONTINUED EXPLOSIVE STREAMING REVENUE GROWTH. I also expect, and am very excited for, a 🧨 DYNAMITE ER conference call. Please plan to listen in! I’ll be doing a “DD Reset” after the call to try to highlight the biggest news and info provided. From November 30, “These recent acquisitions are timed to drive engagement during primetime on our streaming channels, where our goal is to increase viewership by 30-40% in calendar Q4 and capture more advertising dollars,” said Erick Opeka, Cinedigm’s President of Digital Networks. “Ad dollars have surged 88% month-over-month and we expect to deliver up to 40% of the year’s ad revenues in the 4th calendar quarter.” investor.cinedigm.com/news-...