$CIDM WHAT WE KNOW SERIES #6 MOST RECENT ER CALL THE MONEY QUOTES February 22 Quote 8 Chris McGurk: “This is Chris McGurk. Just in conclusion, again, I just want to thank all of our shareholders again for all your attention and support. And again, really, thank all the new investors that we have, the enthusiastic new investors that have found the company and are commenting about it, and following us on Reddit and Wall Street Bets and Robinhood and StockTwits. I - we all want you to know that we’re listening to you. And we're glad that we have your support. And even though you're not multibillion dollar investment funds, some of the advice and comments that you give are just as intelligent, as smart as we get from those types of groups. So keep talking to us and we'll keep listening. Thank you all for your support. And we'll talk again very soon. Good bye.” seekingalpha.com/article/44...