$CIDM Want to help CIDM grow? Become a paid subscriber to Screambox, Fandor, ConTV, Dove. Subscriber Revenue is probably the biggest way to increase EBITDA as the margins are super high (all our Revs are high margin). Another free way is to watch our free with ad channels. The biggest $$ way to watch for free is on a tv. That is what advertisers like the most. You will have noticed if you have done some watching that there are significantly more advertisements when watching on tv (and particularly during prime time). But all minutes watched help. You will notice that no or very little ads are on Fantawild right now. They probably need to show they have a viewership before getting ads and also wider distribution. So I’m putting that on and listening to about 30 minutes of it thru my stereo on my way to work (I don’t live on the farm). I’m doing that free thru KlowdTV. Finally watch and/or rent Cinedigm content on the big guys’ services. Search Cinedigm or Fandor and watch!