$CIDM If the TD Ameritrade short interest is wrong and it hasn’t gone up in a month, the only REAL EVIDENCE points to a well funded group of flippers. I’ll believe the hedge deflection when a filing supports it. Flippers can use algos to. NOT SELLING. PT $20+ long. This is my mantra. Minutes watched is money made. This is the battle that bears can’t manipulate. You want the price to go up? Watch some Cinedigm channels today. Or search Cinedigm or Fandor on Amazon Prime or Netflix or others and watch for free or rent our content. Or become a subscriber to Screambox, Fandor (thru Prime), ConTV, or Dove. Here is a list of our 17 channels. Find one and get watching! The Bob Ross Channel The Film Detective The Lone Star Channel Bloody Disgusting Bambu The Dove Channel MyTime Movie Network ConTV ConTV Anime Comedy Dynamics Docurama Fantawild FashionBox Gametoon WhistleTv So...Real So...Dramatic