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    Robert James Roe Jr Joined Feb 14, 2012

    An Aggressive, Success-driven entrepreneurial trader with 9 years of experience trading the markets. A disciplined investor with a passion for high volume trading and a solid understanding of global markets. Skilled in developing and executing highly


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      Robert J Sullivan
      If it isn't back tested it isn't worth trading. Trading without back testing is no better than gambling. Trading 7-day SPX Iron Condors with 90% probability of not getting stopped out.
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      R J Sullivan IV
      Bigsky Investments® Futures Trader: Fascinated by markets, economics and herd psychology.
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      Stock Market = Ponzi
      I am retired.
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      Benzinga Official Account
      Real time news and updates. Bringing you news before it's news. The Trading Idea Network.
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      JFinDallas Official Account
      HF, portfolio management, financial markets, IPOs & business strategy. I have lots of ideas, sometimes they work out... Opinions are my own and ≠ my employer. No investment advice/solicitation.
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      Jack Reigle
      Professional strategist and author. Unprofessional at virtually everything else.
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      Trading since I was 17 years old..Built my success on timing, discipline, and trading Quality..Blue chip divy's preffered with occasional high risk and beta big names..currently overweight Healthcare and Technology..
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      Decided to semi-retire from medicine before age 40 thanks to Obama....Idiot in Chief. FOREX and precious metals are my drug of choice.
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      Kim Wong
      Former electronic engineer turned broker / analyst. CNBC/USA Today Investment Challenge professional options division champ. Now retired and enjoy trading stock and options daily. In the market 32 years, learned from experience to trust charts.
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      Douglas Seely
      Slowly saving money, and educating myself as much as possible along the way.
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      Adam Zanetti
      DEMO ACCOUNT ONLY. A crap job and worthless degree leave me in a position where all I can do is swing forex. One day I hope to drag myself out of the doldrums of corporate slavery. As of now, I kind of suck, and this is my public forum.
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      Petroleum geologist, now full time equities and options trader. Also a breeder of high quality Myotonic (aka, fainting) and Boer goats
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      Christopher Walla
      I’m a founder and C.E.O of a small trading and investing business called,” Walla Street Investment Capital”. I’ve been trading for a few years in equity markets as well as flipping residential real -estate.
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      BIG CRASH!
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      DarvasTrader is the home of the Nicolas Darvas stock trading system. is written and published by Darrin Donnelly.
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      Sharon Yau
      I trade off of support, breakout patterns, catalysts, and momentum. I will either scalp, scale in intra-day, or will build a position for days anticipating a big move. Love volume. Love under $20 stocks.
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      Raoul Duke
      Trading since 1986. Former stockbroker, derivatives quant, hedge fund founder, analyst, PM. Loser. Winner.
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      Speculation Trader
      Speculation trader, my system is to bet in HIGH RISK huge reward positions buy go against horde! WARNING: You might lose or win lots of cash. My twits should be taken as educational ideas not investment advice. If I make you cash add me as a friend.
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      Tim Powell
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      Stock, option, forex, and futures trader.