$USAT even though I have no position I continue to feel that Hudson's move is both ill-timed and very suspicious frankly. I agree with the company's position that they are trying to take over this company with no premium to other shareholders. The issues that transpired did not involve that much money. Unfortunately the audit took the time that it did and cost what it did. It also resulted in a few day delay which then unfortunately resulted in the delisting. I fail to see how ever how management could have affected that. Usat hired a big 5 accounting firm and that was the time they took to do their work. Hudson would not have changed that. The company took many steps to correct the issues. New accounting firm new board members some new employees. Their quarterly results and particularly last quarter were very good and on the growth trajectory the company promised. And so basically what you have is Hudson just trying to step in at the very end of the process. When it was over.
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