$XXII I thought a lot about this issue and I have to tell you I would really like to see the company roll out this product two different ways. 1 under the vln brand with the 95% reduced nicotine labeling. And the second.... Moonlight. To understand that I think you have to have been old enough... A smoker... And be able to recall the Marlboro lights days in the cigarette industry. It is an inherent desire of smokers many of whom want to quit and many who want to find a healthier way of addressing this habit. That is why sales were off the charts. That name moonlight. That same font I believe that was used by Marlboro... Is right there in that name and package design. Here is the question. Is that more powerful than vln for a name? Is that more powerful than pointing out 95% less nicotine? It might be. And there is only one way to find that out and that would be with a dual roll out. Clearly the FDA allowed the company something huge with that name approval. We should see how it works.
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