$XXII I have to say again... there's a part of me that really questions the value of what takes place tomorrow VERSUS what we already have. While I think the presentation is great and putting a big spotlight on this is great what a MRTP brings is presumably the name VLN along with the ability to note on the packaging 95% less nicotine along with some advertising approval. What we ALREADY have is an approved product, a package that makes no reference to "VLN" or 95% less nicotine but we have a name that I just keep coming back to with the feeling that it is a KILLER name. You see in the FDA docs how WELL Marlboro "gold" sells. That is the former Marlboro LIGHTS. MOONLIGHT is so highly suggestive of that. Right down to the font and the way it just jumps out at you. My EXPERIENCE as a 30 yr smoker many of which was Marlboro lights just has me seeing that huge similarity. In SOME ways I wonder if not even mentioning the lower Nic could be a benefit? Just letting LIGHT do what it did.
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