$XXII over the years I have been here I have put out a lot of bullish posts and some very lofty price targets. I think they have been supported though both with the science of the product that we have here and in terms of the price targets of sales of other companies that have happened. I think it is fair though for me to write a post about what can go wrong. The first thing that could go wrong is we do not get mrtp approval. I have put the odds at 85% we do and 15% we don't. We saw what happened with the vln mandate and we cannot discount the underlying political influence when it comes to the tobacco industry. We do however already have pmta approval with the Moonlight brand. We would have to make a go with just that. I think it's still would be successful but perhaps much less so. Next is will people buy VLN? Take away the addiction and does a market exist? I think it does in the way that decaffeinated coffee exists. Next is how do we make this product stand out? There are lots of
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