$XXII how little of the tobacco market do we need to succeed? A number that Henry stated on more than one occasion was that just 1% of the tobacco market would equal about $50 per share. I believe another poster on this board once also said he thought that number could even be up to $70 a share. I ran the numbers myself and I totally believe that $50 price. I think it is not only reasonable but conservative. 1% of the tobacco market. Picture 100 people in front of you all smokers. We need one of them to adopt vln as their brand. And to be fair about it we also need them to continue using the product. I think that is what people will do. While it certainly will be a pathway to some quitting smoking I think the greatest benefit will come from the way it reduces smoking. Take a heavy smoker smoking two packs a day now.. I think they will be able to get down to one with this product. Take a pack a day smoker... They will cut that in half. That is where the harm reduction comes from.
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