$NSAV My wife and I live on a ranch/farm have gone through back to back years of drought. She wale’s complaining to folks how we lost everything. Finally, I sit her down ginger and tell it like I see it...we just paid taxes, we made enough to pay taxes. We spent a lot of time with grandchildren. We sold off a lot of our things, made ends meet and simplified our lives. We have each other, our pets and farm. The garden did great. In fact I can’t think of a year we loss everything. She sighs, “Guess I will sell my moms dishes.” Next thing I hear on the phone that she has to sell her moms dishes. The lesson, she heard what she wanted to hear. I accumulate. Why? Because in the real drought I have a bunch of stuff to sell at auction! I buy things that value appreciates. Value appreciation over time works every time. Good luck to each of your strategic plans. Some of my friends tell me I live in a dream bubble and suffer an optimism illusion. Yeah! But it is my illusion!