$FCEL | FRIATEC has entered into a partnership with E.ON Connecting Energies and FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH which are responsible for the technical implementation, installation and maintenance of the plant. Fuel cells convert fuel into electricity and heat using a highly efficient, electrochemical process. As there is no combustion, the process emits practically no pollutants. Just like a battery, a fuel cell comprises many individual cells that can be assembled to form a fuel cell stack. Each individual cell contains an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte. When a hydrogen-rich fuel such as natural gas or biogas enters the fuel cell stack, it reacts electrochemically with oxygen (i.e. air) to produce electric current, heat and water. While a typical battery provides a fixed amount of energy, fuel cells continually generate current as long as fuel is supplied. friatec-ceramics.com/images...
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