$VWAGY VWAGY and VWAPY ARBITRAGE: THIS IS NOT ADVICE, SIMPLY AN OPINION: There seems to be an inverse correlation between cost of borrow to short VWAGY and price action. As buying volume on the 30th March was approx. 3X avg. volume, price of VWAGY went up by approx 10%, the cost of borrow dropped from 17.5% to 7.5% on 31st March. Price of VWAGY was flat lining on 1st April as shorts came back in, see large sell blocks at regular intervals, cost of short borrow went back up to 15.8%. While VWAPY buying volume for the 1st April was up more than 2X average. Arbitrage guys will continue doing this until there is a run on the stock and short cover is required. Similar price action can be observed from 24th to 29th April. I will post daily updates of VWAGY cost of borrow. Note that cost of borrow peaked at 25% on 15th March, just as the short squeeze began to take place.