@mrmsnurd 2. I'm actually more a swing or trend trader than a day trader. The methods I use are based on knowing the trend. It's the most important factor for me. However, the way I set up my charts also makes them pretty clean for day traders too. Inside the trend, Im able to show the major support and resistance levels that are likely to be touched. 3. Let's divide success into two parts. The analysis is very accurate. I've posted many charts over the last couple of weeks to highlight this for anyone who cares to follow along. I've been able to describe the trends very simply based on moving averages, and then able to pick the most relevant price points along those trends. The trading strategies are effective, and I'd put the win rate at over 80%. This is because we rarely evaluate a trade and take all that meet relevant criteria. (eg buy dips in the uptrend, sell rips in the downtrend). (cont'd)
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