$QQQ $SPY $ES_F it's all technical. ❤️ Today's major inflection points. Four hour candles and pivots for the 8am-midday candle. Note the most important move today could be at the start of the next candle, at 8am. 1. Break above this downtrend line.... goes to 4290s, could stall there. This move would also serve to backtest the $VIX breakout, so I'd prefer to see it. ;or 2. Reject it and we head lower... and lose the weekly 9ma intraweek. (Yup, those weekly pivots gave awesome warning signals as they were lost last week... failed breakouts). 🎯
@mosha yeah, I'm all for a decent move lower. Been forecasting it for weeks ... to happen at this time and at these prices. 😎