$HTZ dumbass doom and gloom posters. Take a look at PGE stock since bankruptcy filing. Yeah investors got wiped out...NOT. they had unmesurable liabilities. HERTZ has depressed resale values.
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@Coop22250 yes youre right. Not the same. PgE had unlimited liability due to fire. The uncertainty was astronomical. HTZ has a discrepancy in value of cars to loans against them. Already business picking up and they had 10 quarters of sales growth.
@algomezus PGE is making money, 500 mil in a quarter profit. They will be able to pay the bills. HTZ lost $58 million last year on a record year for sales. They may scrimp through, but I would bet a total liquidation is in the books at some point. 18 billion is about what PGE will be liable for after lawsuit is settled. That’s a lot less liability per dollar of income than HTZ at zero profits. When is travel/rentals going to match 2019? 3 years? 5 years? Gonna be a bit. I wish you luck, hope it works out for you, not seeing it.