$CCXI ceo spill the beans fda is continuously engaging with them since file new NDA . He is very hopeful it’s coming. Bought 300 more . πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
@HighSociety17 @rockystar996 @Core366 Not a feud, its facts vs his lies and fraudulent pump posts . I post Legit DD, he posts fantasy buyout posts, sp numbers out of a hat, and just things that really dont make real sense . Like he posted the ceo is 60 so that means he will have a buyout, or that insiders own shares , so that means a buyout. And whenever the sp moves 1 percent up, its automatically a buyout, and shorts are covering, but when it goes back down, he says last chance to buy blah blah, he is a paid pumper. He posted he had 5k shares multiple times, never proved it, then took a screen shot of someones paper trade account with 33k shares and 4001 contracts and tried to back pedal and say it was his. Again. Lies layered on lies.