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    John Greathouse Joined Aug 12, 2013

    We all have those "Long Term" investments in our portfolio that go Up and Down, Up and Down. Holding them through good and bad times. - My goal is to find those "Down times" and profit from it ... I call it my "5th dividend.


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      Free forecasts and swing trade setups for your favorite stocks. Premium members get nightly swing trading signals in advance with all trades simulated at the next market open
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      Alex Vazquez
      Morning day trader... Designer by trade...
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      Mark Greenwasser
      Playing the market and working out. All day everyday. Please feel free to hit me up any time.
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      Chris Kimble Official Account
      I construct charts to help people capitalize on the excess fear and greed of global investors. My goal: provide research to help investors enlarge their portfolios regardless of market direction. My approach - TBNM or Tops, Bottoms, No Middles