$LOTZ I’m fairly certain that most of the hub locations they kept are either profitable or very close to being profitable. Q3 ER could very well be our most important one yet as it will be a clear indicator of which direction this company is headed - a “make it or break it” ER. The dead weight they cut won’t show in Q2 because those hubs were only recently closed in the beginning of July, however, in Q3 we will get a very good idea of how close we are to breakeven and how much our cash burn has been reduced by the closures and reduced staffing etc. We may also be pleasantly surprised in Q2 because all of the inventory they liquidated when they closed those hubs should increase the company’s cash position, and show on their balance sheet. Stay strong bulls 💪 💎 🙌
@Runningwitdabulls I think it would be great if there was some positive news to help stabilise/boost the Company stock price!!I think we all need something to help calm our nerves and give us something to look forward too!! So come in Lev if it’s only dangling a carrot give us some news or plans for future??