$CEI Folks 1) Stay calm and be prepared to hold long. The fundamentals are the reason to hold CEI. 2) Don't read crap that JbSteelers, Mr Peatnuz and all these retarded pumpers are posting. Stay away. 3) Don't think that "filings" get "dropped" last minute like some hollywood thriller movie. These are serious documents 4) CEOs work to build companies, not to "fuck the shorts" - JD is trying to build a company, not screw around with cokeheads 5) Stay away from Stocktwits. This forum is full of serioulsy stupid folks who don't seem to have a grasp of even basic finance. Just stay away. I mean, come here if you want some comedy, not serious financial advice. Stay calm, forget about your investment in CEI, and re-visit in Q2. My PT is $3.00.