$MRNA SAVA rising fast after $3700 price target issued stock at $43ON back of SEC 9/19/2022 issued letter indicating SAVA did not manipulate data. Shorts so screwed. 30% short. It was a criminal short attack by hedge funds creating bogus articles. Now shorts will be investigated. Sava has a good and clean global patent until 2037 plus extensions. But let's be very conservative: Exclude the rest of the world and only take the US market Only 1.5 of 6 million alzheimer patients will take Simufilam Sava is selling their drug for 20k (compared to biogen's 56k) Does the drug work in other neurodegenerative diseases? Maybe! But we exclude this huge potential aswell "1,500,000 patients X $20,000 X 5 multiple = $150 billion market cap" This leads us to a very conservative share price of $3,750 (current price; $35 Call me crazy but this is possible. From previous article.