$SPY for those on the board that are asking why nobody saw this coming! I DID! go back and check my posts on Jan 17th last day JAN OEX $332.99 (333) And first day Feb 21 OEX Jan 21st $332.99! Only machines could do that! I saw all that way before CV on the back to back Jan 17 OEX last day $332.99 and then day after MLK day Jan 21 first day as Feb 21 OEX as front month $332.99 that was orignally the designed top for a 10% CORRECTION to the 200 DMA then $306 but when CV threw a wrench into the plan it needed a blow off too $333-334.19 with 320.73 to suck MAX ON RISK Perma Bulls! It trapped them last Thursday night with hopes of a solid NFP closed at the highs $333.19! But instead they were trapped all day Friday. They didnt wven get $333 to get out even! They got $332.62 and that was that! 50 DMA wont hokd tomorrow $322 and by Friday neither will $300 $SPY will bottom at the 600 DMA $276 before end of Feb 21 OEX!!! CORRECTION CAPITULATION $SPY $280-$275.76 before Friday Feb 21 OEX!!!
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