$SPY "FRIDAY MARCH 27th $SPY PREDICTED HIGH! 600 DMA $276.70!!!!" now we know why 66k 3/27 $270s today and maybe 10% took profits at the $262.80 those options at $1.25 because if $SPY sees $276.80tomorrow those will be $5.80 intrinsic value alone! That's a gain overbight $1.28 last to $5.80 of 350% sounds about right! Bears loading Puts on close will be covering way before $276.80 tommorow...can this see $276.80 tomorrow? You tell me..see the only line on that chart below BLUE TRENDLINE 600 DMA $276.80... $264.40-$276.80- tomorrow. Close tonight $261.20+6% Tomorrow gets the $SPY to $276.80 watcha for that level on eMini Futures tonight... 2,768 resistance (2770) More to come....
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