$SPY Futures 4,060.12 -7.63 Session low 4,057.12 $SPY 30 MIN RSI 86.88 Historic $SPY 30 MIN RSI 78.28 Close Historic! Perna Bulls got too greedy and now they will pay a very heavy price! wow these beyond greedy Perma Bulls are sonething else..they want more from Oct 31st 2020 3209.45 to 4,083.42 $SPY $322.60 to $406.94 4,074.38 to 3,667 i'snt a crash it was before #DiamondHands #JPOW #BTFD #Reditt a standard Correction 10% hence the name Correction to allow Profit taking before going higher..but since Perma Bulls have discovered 30 MIN charts they just buy Every #BTFD RSI under 50 buy under 30 Buy back u0 to 70 but thjs time they got way too greedy up to 86+ close 78 plus end of line!! .. ... A -10% CORRECTION thats a given from 4,074.38 so lets enjoy 3,667.. now a close sub 3,667 $SPY $366 thats when we will talk crash... for now a Correction -10% from here is $SPY Cash $366 those are some really sweet gains on the Front Month April 16th Contract! $406.94 to $367!!!