WOW! I didnt realize @cpakid has no idea how short selling works! Wow.. ok... in order to short shares of $MVIS you jave to do it on an UPtick to borrow the shares meaning the price increases. The price can also stay increased as the float is now less vs = demand. Without Question and there is NO REFUTING This Today's $MVIS open 14.94 drop to $14.62 ... $15.35 to $16.20 was over 80% Short Selling! The level not to break was $16.30 why $16.30 because thats the next Algo over 15.35 in $11.33 to $19.38 range. $MVIS is so easy to trade right now because of its massive HYPE aka Speculation in Bear Territory under $19.38 its just getting shorted under key algos to go lower. Close yesterday under $15.35 at $15.29 open at $14.94 so panic selling at open to go as low as $14.63 next algo down 14.45 holds that ... It's all Algos.. this wont break $15.35 now before it sees 12.16 and most likely stays sub $15 ..opens sub $14.60 tomorrow forced selling on loss of 50 MA $14.60
@CrossingTrendsTA lmao... did u just say selling is making it go up? Sounds right 👌🏼
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