$VXRT ... on who's list ... The Scientist's? My concern is reinforced by this article ... HHS/BARDA/OWS have been very open on supplying funding to J&J, Moderna, Novavax, AstraZeneca, etc. ... but no mention of Vaxart? Articles posted prior to the stock price surge were referencing the benefit of the "funding" from the OWS/gov't (see below) ... given the recent article in the NYT and previous CNN article (posted yesterday - regarding "exaggeration" of participation in OWS) bringing questions about the accuracy of some previous releases, I'm very concerned regarding how vulnerable this is to the shorts ... Hoping the science plays out, but the recent information surfacing in these articles gives me pause ... only my opinion, of course ... news.trust.org/item/2020062...
$VXRT the-scientist.com/news-opin... We're on the list of selected. Updated last Wednesday.
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