$CORZ @Cryptoklepto you keep saying a loss of 466 million - you Clearly dont understand what a convertible note is … $MARA earned $150m revenue in all of 2021 and awarded themselves around $160m in stock compensation lol very considerate to shareholders .. CORZ earned $300m revenue in Q4 2021 and $MARA earned $150m in ALL of 2021 haha you can’t even compare them mara have 100k machines sat idle and have been for a while and also now have to move their machines to a new data centre that doesn’t use coal which will effect their numbers As for EH rates who cares if it isn’t 32 EH self mined it’s still 32EH it’s this simple $MARA mined 1259 coins in Q1 2022 …we mined 3202 coins we make more revenue we make more profit we will have more power we are quicker to execute we are Better planners
@Cryptoklepto in non cash mark to market … it’s not a physical loss you really need to research Core Scientific (CORZ) reported Q1 EPS of $0.31, $0.16 better than the analyst estimate of $0.15 again you are wrong lol
@Daytrader888888 this is their eps. Bottom of the page. From the sec filing. (1.51) means they lost 1.51 per share of their 300m+ shares. I read the filing and listened to the call. They are a SPAC. Surprises like this is why I stayed on the sidelines. I placed my bets on Mara and I own some riot. Zero Corz shares. Sticking with the plan after these Q1 results. Hard pass for me. Market will decide if I’m right or wrong.