$AVXL 100% retain on all their extension trials, since 2015, does it talk? 2 Rett, 1 Front Temporal Dementia on PK, and 2 Alzeimer ( Ph2 and Ph2/3). Not after a drug translation from something else, like all BP, not a recent discovery by miracle when a first trial failed on something else, but after 30 years of research. A clever Greek patent reviewer decided to buy a empty shell, managed to bring it to nasdaq (pink sheet first) then was able to rise enough cash (with the help of a young ambitious scientist and finance profile guy, Dr Missling) to purchase the patent portfolio of the researcher and offer him a decent position to complete his carreer, then, we are here, about to see the double blind reading of 3 Ph2 and one Ph2/3 on different CNS deseases, the exact purpose of why this molecule (these molecules because 3-71 is coming too in the pipeline this year). How much this story worth?