JPMorgan $JPM reiterates Apple $AAPL is overweight you get stationary bicycle & treadmill from Peloton $PTON for early Christmas present you get me iPhone 13 I see a healthy demand for iPhone 13 ETFs with the most AAPL Exposure $XLK Technology Select Sector 22.07% $FTEC Fidelity MSCI IT Index 20.12%
$OCGN Canada day tutes 233 total, 215 long only 4 short only, 14 long/short change ↑ 47.47% Royal Bank of Canada 11/15 shares ↑ 68.8% upcoming: canada day, betches. 11/18 announces inducement grants for 6 new employees. hmmm. eul makes covaxin eligible for procurement & global distribution & ocugen is geared up. > 4,000% in the past year. what does future hold for covaxin in the us & canada? NIH director helps you narrow it down. coxavin more effective than mrna products which require constant booster shots subscriptions coz big dick pharma decided that subscription model yields higher profits. to summarize the current state of affairs, I lean toward approval in canada. if covaxin is good enough for the who, why wouldn't it be good enough for canada? ocugen is guilty of many parabolic moves. bb will announce orders. canada & us still in play. ocugen holds the rights to distribute in the US. 45% share of profits & 55% in Canada. easy doubler. wouldn't be a first