@TyrdFyrguson I'm hoping to send you a private message, please follow me so we can chat. I feel like you and I have been around IZEA for a while. I was in right before the $1.8 pop, thanks to a paid subscription from Luke lingo / investor place. Cashed in a big profit to the pop to 7.45 but have lost a ton buying back in at $5.29. What do you think about IZEA. I think it’s near term going down to low 3s, but to my own dismay hate closing trades for a large loss. I’ve become pretty frustrated with the lack of activism from the company. Ted tweets all day but can’t even release a proper PR regarding closure of the ATM. I’m starting to understand the side of the individuals who got burned by the last big rise and drop.
@CyclistInvestor 🍻🥃 yeah man I can’t disagree with that. Ted doesn’t have a lot of leadership experience, but he is passionate about “championing creators” which is why I think he’ll eventually make it happen.