$NAK Completly undervalued; FEIS was the biggest hurdle last Friday, and now we're looking for ROD. Now would be a good time for the Trump administration to cut EPA red tape on a 30-day minimum cooldown period for the ROD since the FEIS already covered all the bases. Precious metals will become an issue as Chinese-US relations continue to sour. I expect the process for ROD to be accelerated to get this mine under production in the very foreseeable near future. There is still plenty of good news ahead as mining companies will line up as potential partners to mine this deposit. Political backing from both sides of the aisle makes it very promising that this project will be carried out no matter what. In the meantime, sit on your hands and wait patiently. There's only good news on the way. Continue to buy shares while they're cheap and ignore the bad news bears. Let's get this bread.
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