$IBIO You may think this trades like dog turds, and it totally does, but it's just part of a larger market for biotech and microbio in particular that it's following. XBI is picking up right now, so hopefully that lifts all boats. This would be a good time for Tom to step forward with a viable product. Either that, or sell and let someone with a bigger bag of nickels to drive this entity toward profitability, IMO. There is a lot of potential in plant mass production. Medicago proved that, and their tobacco isn't even as good. Just proves that politics is more important than science, which is why selling to or partnering with a bigger connected entity is key. I am fully convinced Big Pharma is who doesn't let this idea progress. However, if one of them were to get involved to a first mover, all the dominoes fall into place here. IBIO has the patents.