$SPY Truly if this isn't the biggest rigged casino ever. How do you wake up to futures up.....LOL......what news was good that we all missed late yesterday. Thats right...the tariffs might not be rolled back and that is what has fueled this rally the last two days....but the fact THEY MIGHT NOT BE ROLLED back is now even good news I guess.....this is the true definition of FOMO....people buy FUTURES when they are down because they know they WILL GO UP....no other reason.....they could be down 40 because we are being NUKED and people truly would still BTD....who the hell knows when but one of these days people will get destroyed and you know what "every single one of them deserve it"....I will just laugh when they are CRYING "why me"....you know "why you" because you were a GREEDY LITTLE PIG !!
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