$LK If it’s true that the banks are done dumping the shares taken from Lu, then floor is in and Tuesday should trade sideways. Unless, ER is put out on Tuesday pre market and we get to finally see the true share value. That’s when shorts will not have enough time to cover and we squeeze to 5-10. Then for the next leg up, NASDAQ allows them to keep trading as a way to keep other Chinese ADRs from pulling out preemptively due to delisting concerns. At this point, They have made their point and any foreign company not willing to comply with new regulations should be delisted. Bottom line is there are multitudes of companies trading at share prices that currently don’t make any sense compared to Q1 ERs driven by optimism, by Q3 many will go BK when PPP is up and liquidity dries up. This is the complete opposite, know what you are holding!
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