$DBRG hold the line brothers & sisters. Remember that this is about the long term potential of DBRG for all of us. I just looked at a historic chart of AMT and it was interesting to see pretty much the same ups and downs exactly 20 years ago w/ AMT, just like we are experiencing with DBRG right now. Let’s remain focused on the long term & where Ganzi can potentially take us in 10+ years. Don’t let this short term pain discourage or distract from what we know is a special situation with DBRG. I know that it is much easier to swallow right now for those of us who have a cost basis under $2… but even for those who are underwater and bought in the $7’s or $8’s, just remember that Ganzi hasn’t even officially been at the helm for two full years yet. It is amazing to see how much progress he & the team have made w/ cleaning up Barrack’s CLNY mess in under two years! What will our chart look like after Ganzi has had 10+ or 20+ years? Like AMT’s 20 year historical chart today perhaps?