$ETH.X wait until bitcoin pulls back for a little alt coin consolidation period. All the profits will flood back into all the coins. Ether is way undervalued at this price we are way way behind. We should be at 4-5k right now. Price action should pick up a lot faster now.
@DD214 it’s already happening. Just in cycles. This takes patience to 3-4x your money. I’m more than happy to wait. I’m going to make my half a milly and cash out.
@BullRUNner77 @DD214 I re-balanced my coinseed account January 1st of this year. $ETH and $BTC.X started the year equal at 50% each. ETH was up to 58% and $BTC.X down to 42%. This was the largest divergence in price since the 1st of the year. $BTC.X has been clawing its way back since then. Hope this is informative.