Wanna have fun? Who wants to play Fantasy Fuel Cell? Rules: Post your prediction for EOW-- 4pm Friday-- SP. Prize: Whoever calls it correctly earns a follow from the pool of players. Bonus: logic of your reasoning. I'll go first. $5.82 Why? A hair above 50% fib. A hair below $6. I'm betting on... 1. Last ER trajectory into profit 2. Few's Gangbuster turnaround history 3. Few's $6 bonus target 4. The urgency of the now-- emergency microgrid buidouts. 5. Toyota and Exxon partnerships and their quest for primacy in the Hydrogen race. 6. Long Beach and expansion into refueling. 7. Hydrogen tipping point -- even the Olympic Torch will be fueled by Hydrogen-- and 50 years of know-how. Industry leader. 8. Most importantly: Irrational massive shorting. Doubled to .84 after last ER blowout. Then fell 75% from there to .24 for zero reason. Equal and opposite reaction expected going forward. (see $PLUG 2013/2014 when it went from $.12-$12.) Your turn...
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