$VXRT There’s no doubt that this will dip tomorrow. The question is for how long — hours, days, weeks. Hating the NYT or liberals isn’t going to change that. Believing in a conspiracy isn’t going to change that. Focus on the reality of the situation and decide what the smartest reaction is. The biggest issue will be the perception that the government is disavowing Vaxart. Government support is what drove this stock price up, and removal of it will plunge it down. It will recover on good news from studies, but until then, you need to decide if your money is better invested in something with less controversy. I expect this to immediately drop to 10 or lower at the open of premarket. My hope is that it will recover to 12, which is where I will exit for now and reinvest in another company expecting to report solid earnings soon — APT, CODX, etc.
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