$DPLS I am writing you today to express my concern for the state of critical infrastructure and bridges throughout the state of Virginia. I felt the need to express this concern now that the historical infrastructure Bill has been signed into law by President Biden. According to Virginia’s Department of Transportation page discussing bridges (virginiadot.org/info/Bridge...), as of July 2020 Virginia has approximately 21,195 bridges and large culverts in inventory. Of these, 743 are listed as structurally deficient. Do you know if anyone from VDOT has looked into fiber optic sensor technology to help monitor any of our bridges? California (CALTRANS) just started putting this technology in their bridges and overpasses. It might bring confidence and relief to the people of Virginia to know that our bridges are being monitored for strain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please take the time to look into a company called Dark Pulse to see what their technology can do for our great state.