$PEI What’s the vote… The preferreds keep running til $5, or they all take a breather for a bit due to all (B, C, and D) preferreds are around their backpay amounts???
@damware I think the payout amount will end up being a solid base. I think we dipped so far before due to overall market conditions leading into margin required selling. The visible volume profile on the PEI D daily, looks like we will run into a little resistance from the $4.75-$5.25 area likely. It could pull back, but most who were buying have a loftier price target, those buying now also looking forward. These preferred trade like a low cap stock, so few shares ~5M, so thinly traded. You could swing a few thousand maybe, but once your holdings get too large, couldnt easily swing them to try and scalp or add to your bag etc....
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