$SDC Ruh Roh! I've been looking for a reason to take another bearish position on SDC again. Now that they've been exposed on national news it's the beginning of the end of DIY orthodontics, not to mention they'll be facing regulation (and probably lawsuits) up the whazoo in the near future. I'm sorry, but DIY orthodontics should not be a thing. The only thing they should be focusing on is selling the product via professionals, like they announced last month, and that's if the dental professionals can make a decent enough profit on it. But, the stock would take a major beating if they just focused on that. I got a feeling the shorts are going to hit this hard... again. Short interest already rose from 31M on 12/31 to over 37M on 01/31, and that's up from 20M on 11/29. Not good. And don't forget the lock-up period comes to an end on 3/10/2020. Oh, and the toothbrushes & toothpaste in Walmart is a joke and going to drag on earnings.
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