If you open an account in webull you can transfer your Rh account if your portfolio is at least$2000 Chech my link if you want. Trade Stocks, ETF and Options on Webull! Open an account and get a free stock. Deposit and get a second free stock. https://act.webull.com/v/MkKdT3hSMAIb/z2y/recommend_928_A_push
@stocknoob13 I think it’s more about RH being a platform that is attractive to noobies more than veteran traders/investors. It’s not that RH users are shorts... but in general less experienced and therefore more likely to overreact when a stock is shorted, sell, effectively providing an assist to the shorts. Also... I’m a fellow noob, so I am speaking from an experience of inexperience. And my BNGo is tied up on RH too... and I hate it. I just never got enough money together to start fresh elsewhere. I regret it every single day Pre-market.
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