$XELA Shorts wanted that RS and they got it. At the minimum, the dilution that went through went to buy back debt. Means at the very least, the balance sheet is looking better and leads to better survival in these elevating interest rate environment. But at the end of the day, who gives a crap about fundamentals. When the cover gets removed, it can run 5x to 100x as can be seen with the market in the past couple of weeks. When you're seeing 500% to 2000% runs in the market, you know oversold stocks are going to be let free one by one. Big flux of money from pumps will flow to other pumps, then to other pumps, then to other pumps. Just need to wait for our time feels like it's near. That 10 day closing about $1 is coming on Monday, means delist is off the table. Can't find a more oversold chart anywhere else in the market