$AABB Upcoming catalyists: 1. Close on the purchase of a turn-key gold mining property they recently signed a LOI on. 2. Complete an official audit of their annual financials, which is currently underway. 3. Distribute a dividend of 1 for every 45, to shareholders of record as of May 2021 4. Apply for uplisting to the OTCQB Tier. 5. Create a cryptocurrency exchange. 6. Have their AABBG gold-backed crypto-token become a world-wide standard of exchange. 7. Target China, East Asia, and India, the largest importers, and buyers of gold in the world, for their gold sales. 8. Continue to expand the scale of their precious metals mining operations. 9. Build themself into a potential acquisition target. Holding my 1.3M shares for $2-3 this summer.